New Jersey, Bad Worst State, Police Corruption, Terror, Bergen County,Crime, Children Hurt
New Jersey, Bad Worst State, Police Corruption, Terror, Bergen County, Crime, Children Hurt
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The editor also agrees with recent statements by political leaders on not accepting fixed, rigged and corrupt systems abusing people and strongly disagrees with the self-interest promoting media that this is undemocratic - on the contrary when people have been abused for a long time, no legal remedies are in sight, more years of the same to worse appear to be ahead ...
11. Editor Review: The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts - 2015

New on the Web - by John Mann
Hillary Clinton/New Jersey State Illegally Kidnapping Children - PLEASE READ - Happening now to hundreds of thousands of parents who never see their children again - Could happen to you anytime  
Main Site:
Stop Hillary Clinton Child Welfare Kidnapping   Main Article: Hillary Clinton/New Jersey State Illegally Kidnapping Children

New on the Web  - New Jersey Division of Child Services - Worst of the Worst - Child Kidnapping, Medical Kidnapping
-- Name the Names - Of the Worst of the Worst Criminals in New Jersey
This is a list of some of the most corrupt and dangerous people and organized crime in NJ today.  Anyone in NJ and their families and children are not safe as long as these people remain in office and walk among us.

Link to New Jersey Dark History - Vote on Ranker!
New Jersey has a hidden past known only to few but with so many happenings considered the worst in history one can lose track, past 20 and counting. These are all root causes which started many of the issues we see today -- This is a collection of that hidden past that may still be coming back to haunt us and which explain the undesirable events in the world for the past 100 years.  Awareness is the first part of getting past and moving on.  How Many Do You Know???


- Hillary Clinton (1980) - US Child Protective Services
-- From Clinton Child Welfare Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-272) and Clinton Adoptions and Safe Families Act of 1997 (H.R. 867)
 -- Most frightening Anti-Family and Eugenics in US and World
 -- Family a policy - children and parents can change any time
&nbsp;-- Federal funds of $8 billion based on number of children 'removed' from parents and placed in foster care and also permanently removed from parents <br>&nbsp;-- Any parent can have their children unjustly and permanently removed under veiled proceedings driven and incentivized by money Children Permanently Removed from their parents and families

Main Site:  // Has updated Article

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to label Boko Haram al-Qaeda affiliate a terror organization after they kidnapped 300 girls.  New Secretary of State John Kerry immediately changed on replacing Clinton

- 'Legal' Medical kidnapping, children no longer yours - getting 2nd opinion can result in children removed from parents
--- Happening now - case DCPP Bergen County, NJ removed a child who then became ill and is now becoming more ill everyday as kept away from parents, parents told DCPP to not take child or they would endanger her, DCPP took two siblings anyway without cause or warrant, separated siblings under unwarranted DCPP 'kidnapping' removal without having complaint, DCPP traumatized child, child hospitalized after few weeks under DCPP foster 'care' before any court date, then DCPP doctors trying to give child anti-psychotic medication - parents refusing and terrified

Get Best Help - also see "II. Successful Legal Help - Attorneys to help Parents Fight CPS / DCPP and get Children Back"  // 92,000 likes  // $800,000 Awarded to parents

 -- CPS/DCPP (constantly lie to families, say are DYFS for Division of Youth and Family Services) and 'family courts' now legally documented as causing injuries and severe psychological trauma to children and families *without complaint* or any abuse by families - CPS workers now in your child's school full-time
 -- Cases CPS now performing unauthorized and harshest evaluation/interrogation/abuse to children at school, resulting in child shock and documented injury. Afterwards CPS can take anyone's child anytime, even *from school*

--  New top reviewed books in 2014 and 2015 detailing confirmed abuse from CPS and corrupt local and county judges as the worst and most corrupt in the history of the US - read below or scroll to "Contents"  // Top Rated by #1 Dom. Viol. Author  // Beyond The Hostage Child: Towards Empowering Protective Parents 8/2014  //
Child "Protective" Services —Introduction To Legalized Kidnapping And Adoption Rings by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.
 - All Americans - Please read - see thousands of parents posting pictures of their children taken by an unbelievably corrupt and hateful system - even explicitly continuing a legal history of the worst racism and racialism movement practices in history - it could be you  // 31,000 Complaints to congress - they don't act

- Bill & Hillary Clinton sponsored/signed '97 ASFA - allowed permanent removal of children "even in the absence of actual abuse"
-- Expedited child removal from parents
-- ...  and developing ways to take many children and adopt them quickly for money
 -- Process bypasses federal rights of parents and children to illegal state misconduct

- Bill and Hillary Clinton's Acts are documented and known legally as causing these issues are are not only continuing today - but bragged about by Hillary Clinton in last 2016 Debate - her support for 'Child Welfare' is the most disgraceful legal duplicity in American history

- CPS abuse and reports now documented starting very early - uncounted sites (URLs above) dedicated to reporting vast CPS infrastructure damaging families and taking hundreds of thousands of children for $8 billion in federal aid per year and many times that in school and medical fraud against children - often from explicit racism or other atrocious acts - please read on.



Full Post:


New on the Web - by James Johnson
Crime of the Century
The 'Crime of the Century' Is Not Over!
Sep, 2016, v05
Miami recently named 'Worst City in US', for what? This post is about a crime that made history and recurred with remarkable similarity to infamous but forgotten events in cities such as Englewood, Chicago, Cherry Hill and Jacksonville* and may offer insight and 'A New Theory'. The end of this post relates this insight with what may be an unknown but ominous influence in Miami today (see Part II: Leaving, ref is not for the feint of heart.) Jacksonville was another focal point for old racism, followed by New Jersey's new racialist movement that had made it to Washington, D.C.

This article is appearing for the first time and spans several decades and begins earlier including the mostly forgotten Lindbergh 'Crime of the Century' just recently looked into which in many ways has been happening again in the same place with similar people interchanged to form recurrences much like before, called strange (non-linear) attractors.

An astute reader can put all the pieces together with enough cycles, recurrences, self-affinities and strange attractors to keep chaos theorists busy - ending at a recurrence of the 'Crime of the Century' - and including part of saving 2,753 lives on 9/11. All true.

What's needed is a sleuth's insight and a criminologist's reasoning and rigor to put all the facts together over time to be able to piece it all together to say 'Here's what happened.'

Continuing the same story - saving 750,000 lives, 5 million, ... - solving the AI problem, the singularity and who told them how with one condition, they had to help make safe and did - the next article.

Background is presented to understand the circumstances of today's crime and to see how entrenched this history has become from its most famous origins to today's most unseen effects.

There is an unseen yet harmful influence from this history in New Jersey and New York City and elsewhere people should be aware of. In many ways this history has continued conflict and malevolence in some of the most hostile and divided areas and against people who have been honored and awarded for advancing their field in ways which are known and used by all today. See '7. A New Case' and '9. A New Theory'.

Table of Contents

1. Background - The 'Crime of the Century'
Englewood, NJ is the site of Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. and the 'Crime of the Century', called the 'biggest event since the resurrection', where later were discovered Colonel Lindbergh's eugenic beliefs and Nazi leanings with Aryan-Nordic mistresses and children (his first baby with Rickets and crossed toes was 'kidnapped' and killed) and siding with Nazi Luftwaffe Goring, saw his child's kidnapping and murder along with the most infamous NJ State Police founder Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf (Nazi-like uniforms in 1921) who handled the case. Schwarzkopf also created and trained the feared Iran SAVAK police known for starting torture and killing in the Middle East as part of the illegal coup to install who became worst human rights violator in the world, the Shah of Iran with the help of Allen Dulles, Rockefeller/CIA. Another Colonel who showed up at the Lindbergh estate in NJ upon the kidnapping was a Wall Street lawyer and a third visiting Colonel was William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan, a hero of the First World War who would later head the OSS (became CIA starting with unethical experiments and flying something else back(++))

President Herbert Hoover(**) was notified and said he would 'move Heaven and Earth to recover the missing child'. He later formed the FBI with J. Edgar Hoover after the death of Lindbergh's child with a new federal Kidnapping Law, although this case was local. Herbert Hoover also helped form America First with Lindbergh as lead speaker, among others.

Schwarzkopf refused the help of J. Edgar Hoover's Federal Bureau and also refused the help of the best detective in the world, Ellis Parker, whom the Governor of New Jersey assigned to the case. Parker was known as "America's Sherlock Holmes" due to his record of solving over 200 murders with Schwarzkopf having solved none. Schwarzkopf continued to handle the case himself after the death of the Lindbergh baby one month after a ransom delivery by Lindbergh and his flying to Martha's Vineyard to find his baby but who couldn't be found. Schwarzkopf continued refusing any help and only with his new New Jersey State Police spent over two years working on the case under strong criticism until a suspect was found. Chappaquiddick is a small island in Martha's Vineyard which would have been among those searched by the father.

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Mystery

Herbert Hoover was also at the Second Eugenics Conference of 1921 with many notables including the new racialist movement leader Madison Grant, a close personal friend of both presidents Hoover and Theodore Roosevelt. Hitler wrote Madison Grant saying his book, 'The Passing of the Great Race' [an abomination, refs], became "his Bible" when writing the Nazi Bible, Mein Kampf which included quotes from Grant***. Grant's book was published 1 year after NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson became the first Jacksonian Democrat (old proslavery) to become president since Lincoln and who overcame a boycott on a Clansmen movie 'Birth of a Nation' by screening in the White house making violent racism popular in America and created today's KKK, with his first act segregating all federal offices in Washington, D.C. Germans weren't invited to the second eugenic conference after WW I, Hitler had to read about their work and sent letters of admiration. Endnotes.

Lindbergh's first solo transatlantic flight was spectacular but foreshadowed Nazi eugenic genocides (actioned from US research and law originated from NJ/NYC(++)) and was followed by bringing thousands of war criminals back to the US in Operation Paperclip after atrocities to advance genetics, vaccines and bio-weapons research among rocketry's von Braun and nuclear scientists to aid German Jewish Oppenheimer in the Manhattan Project. Einstein had fled Germany at the end of 1932 and arrived two weeks before Hitler took power in January of 1933. FBI files show he was not allowed to work on research in the US due to peaceful and democratic views in a time of McCarthyism, where any with anti-communist views were preferred.

There was also an important but concealed fifth Colonel hidden in these events, whom astute readers can ascertain. All described next. Links inline.

Full Story: The 'Crime of the Century' Is Not Over
July 31, 2013 - PBS Documentary 'Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby' with John Douglas, America's leading Criminal Profiler

Behind The Secret Plan To Smuggle Nazi Scientists To America

5. Lindbergh's Eugenic Research To Live Forever w/Nobel Laureate Dr Carrel
Lindbergh's best friend was Nobel laureate and pioneering experimental Dr. Carrel whom he worked for at the nearby Rockefeller Institute in Manhattan and together invented a revolutionary new organ perfusion (heart) pump which would have saved his sister-in-law, Elisabeth Morrow, whose heart valve was damaged from rheumatic fever. While his son Charles Jr was being born, Lindbergh talked with an anesthesiologist who invented an artificial respiration machine for newborns in case of breathing troubles, Dr. Flagg. Lindbergh reviewed his bio-engineering ideas about how to 'fix' Elisabeth's heart valve like any other machine part with Dr. Flagg, who referred him to Dr. Carrel when told nothing existed. An ironic twist of fate was Elisabeth was known to have instability when Lindbergh married her sister and on Charles Jr's birth.

The Immortalists: Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Their Daring Quest to Live Forever
Alexis Carrel's Career at the Rockefeller Institute
10 Fascinating Facts About Charles Lindbergh
Together they continued to perform research towards eugenic ideals both shocking and forewarning of things to come. The eugenic Dr. Carrel's 'immortal' chicken heart cells lived for decades while his ridding 'defectives' with gases was adopted by the Nazis.Endnotes.

Eugenics Prized/Funded Twins

There is an unseen yet harmful influence from this history in New Jersey and elsewhere that people should be aware of. And in many ways this history is being used to cause harm and as an attempt to control and to commit crimes, by both criminals and corrupt authorities. This has happened against people who have been honored and awarded for advancing their field in ways which are known and used by all today but are then being forced to do research much the same as Charles Lindbergh - but by undoing the harm and injury committed by these criminals and New Jersey corruption against their children and themselves and then as a part of a much greater effort Lindbergh was working on as well.

See 'A NEW THEORY' for the crimes, work and research which is common across the Lindbergh case and Lindbergh and Carrel's research and the present case.

This harm, injury and crime has been committed against people and their children explicitly by corruption in Schwarzkopf's notorious and still ill-reputed New Jersey State Police(FBI) and many others at the very location of Lindbergh's 'Crime of the Century' in Englewood, NJ, from what is possibly the most hidden and unknown malevolence in all of America if not the world. See "ENGLEWOOD AND JACKSONVILLE - MANY WORSTS IN HISTORY" and "BACKGROUND TO THE CRIMES - The Dark History of New Jersey's Past", "EUGENICS RESEARCH - ROCKEFELLER EUGENICS RESEARCH SAME IN NYC AND GERMANY", Endnotes: "New Jersey State Police - Racial Profiling, Severe Misconduct (killing/Death), Federal Charges..." and Endnotes.

Those honored today have always been the most against any kind of harm or manipulation, very much for human rights for all and a peaceful world and are fighting back. Some of these people have had criminals and corruption and 'evil' people plot and plan over a long time, even as long as over 50 years, for their evil deeds to bear out. These criminals and corruption have been clear about their intent, being so clever and some with authority they can abuse, don't believe their 'perfect crimes' can be stopped. They are using this very history to cause hardship and cruelty as before. This article is about the very long fight against them.

Many believe Lindbergh may have been involved in the kidnapping of his son with disabilities but the baby was accidentally killed during or just after the crime. Many wealthy parents would quietly institutionalize children with 'disabilities' at the time (and perhaps little known today) but Lucky Lindy couldn't quietly with his international attention as never before. Eugenics would be picked up by Lindburgh in Englewood, NJ being in the middle of it all.

Others believe vengeance against Lindbergh may be the cause based on the cruelty of the crime to his child and the enemies he and his new family may have made. One theory is the Warburg's since the Morrow's history of viscous battles over NJ Woodrow Wilson's federal reserve, which conservatives vehemently opposed. FDR's New Deal to end the Great Depression was another of the most controversial in America's history with politics taking all sides, even the most extreme (fascism). See AMERICA FIRST.


The basis of this article could provide another explanation. In exactly the same place and with exactly the same people, corruption and criminals have been causing harm to an innocent child. Not just to be viscous and cruel but to force a researchers hand, possibly to find a cure for his first-born child. The facts are too close to be coincidence and direct threats have been made in the past that this would happen. The baby has a heart valve problem and also criminals with the direct support of NJ corruption including the same bad characters as before, have terrorized the child into mental illness*, with a father doing everything he could to stop them. This corresponds to Elizabeth Morrow with a heart valve failure as the source of Lindbergh's work with Carrel which would have saved her and Dwight Morrow Jr, who had mental illness potentially solvable by the researcher's work in cognitive science.

* Terrorizing children (and adults) is common in Englewood and parts of NJ. Also Westchester County, NY - home of the longstanding Rockefeller estate. Often cited - eugenics. Also no psychological protection or privacy. NJ's strictest laws in the US have failed to protect children.
Terrorizing People and Children To Mental Illness

That father is a researcher who has worked with his child's doctor, other doctors and other researchers in the past, showing the way to some of the best known in technology and artificial intelligence in the world today among other advanced work including genetics. And if you ask him, he has or can do what Dr. Carrel and Lindbergh were trying to achieve in 'The Immortalists' but now sees he should have been more careful about whom he had told. That researcher has always been strongly outspoken against the misuse of technology including the dark eugenics past.
The Immortalists: Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Their Daring Quest to Live Forever

This article exposes those criminals and corruption who need to be apprehended and brought to trial but carefully since criminal corruption can be very dangerous not wanting to be caught, and they have proved that again and again.

This father could never allow harm to anyone, most especially to his children, and that is being used against him. Lindbergh moved out of the country after the crime and trial, those involved in much of the same today would do exactly the same to avoid the danger here, even in the same place, although in this case are getting down to their last straw.

The Immortalists: Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Their Daring Quest to Live Forever

Lindbergh also had Nazi ties and gave anti-war speeches leading American First. He became close to the Nazi Luftwaffe Field Marshall Goering and accepted the Service Cross of the German Eagle. FDR even offered Lindy a cabinet position if he stopped making speeches ...


Full Story: The 'Crime of the Century' Is Not Over

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Mystery
Lindbergh kidnapping - wikipedia
Fallen Hero: Charles Lindbergh in the 1940s

10 Fascinating Facts About Charles Lindbergh

Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement
War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis
Behind the secret plan to bring Nazi scientists to US
Project MKUltra
Did the Third Reich Create Hepatitis G and HIV?

Endnotes - References

... Chaos Theory on how the Crime of the Century fits into this fractally complex history and to the recurrent strange attractors and focal points still going on. ...
Mathematics Chaos Theory on the Crime of the Century (Strange attractors, causes, convergences, confluence, recursion, fractals, ...)

... What's needed is a sleuth's insight and a criminologist's reasoning and rigor to put all the facts together over time to be able to piece it all together to say - 'Here's what happened.'

"Fight Your Enemy Where They Aren't" --
Attack where your enemies are not prepared; go to where they do not expect. Sun Tzu, The Art of War

BACKGROUND TO THE CRIMES - The Dark History of New Jersey
NJ Governor Woodrow Wilson was the first Democrat, from the old proslavery Jacksonian Democrats, since Lincoln to become president, with his first act segregating all federal offices in Washington, DC. From the White House he supported and hailed 'Birth of a Nation' on the Clansmen which started the KKK which we know of today and the racialist movement starting a chain reaction from NYC's Madison Grant* to Hitler's Bible and eugenic genocide. Wilson enacted New Jersey's eugenics laws written by his State Eugenicist Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen, of Jewish ancestry, who became one of the 'Butchers of Buchenwald', among the worst of the worst in Weimar Germany and was given life imprisonment over sole responsibility for the Nazi eugenic murder of 1,000 of his fellow prisoners. His classical eugenics were among the worst and Buchenwald was one of the very worst of the worst with thousands killed each week from cruel and unconscionable medical experiments, with unethical medical experiments originating from Philadelphia's J. Marion Sims on slaves. Katzen-Ellenbogen was a Harvard professor and Woodrow Wilson was a Princeton professor and the only PhD to be US president.

* Madison Grant was a close personal friend to former president Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover's, frightening reference below. Eugenics withered under the FDR's massive shift to the left, fought by J. Edgar Hoover and others.

The Story of the New Jersey Doctor Who Helped Kill Prisoners at Buchenwald in the Name of Eugenics // more on NJ's Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen at Buchenwald, the worst of the worst in history - used to hurt the innocent in NJ
Did Woodrow Wilson Destroy the American Presidency
The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

New Jersey is just or more corrupt as ever
The same attacks and crimes against people, their families and children are heinous and non-stop.
See never ending links.
- New Jersey's Jim McGreevey: America's most corrupt governor?
- Citizen Kushner
-Tycoon pleads guilty to tax evasion, retaliation Charles Kushner, a major Democratic contributor, admitted to tricking his brother-in-law into a tryst with a call girl. - To Avoid FBI investigation
-Commerce Chief Quits Amid Growing Financial Scandal
- William D. Watley, the embattled New Jersey commerce secretary
- David D'Amiano, Joseph Santiago, Golan Cipel, Billboardgate, Roger Chugh, and so on

- NJ Attorney General's Office - Appointment for New Jersey State Police Superintendant

- Joseph Santiago - Checkered background including association with New Jersey Genovese organized crime family

In a failed experiment in affirmative action, in 2002, McGreevey appointed Hispanic Newark police Director Joseph Santiagosuperintendent of the State Police.In hiring Santiago, McGreevey ignored the protests of law enforcement officials, and a multitude of red flags (a personal bankruptcy, a conviction for disorderly conduct, and charges reported by the State Police background investigators that in Newark,Santiago had consorted with an associate of the Genovese crime family, protected illegal gambling operations, was involved in a "no-show security scheme" and used police officers to build his house)in Santiago's past, only to force Santiago to resign on October 18, 2002, after only seven months on the job.

Charles Kushner
One of the most powerful men in New Jersey stood before a federal judge yesterday and said he cheated on his taxes, lied about campaign contributions, and retaliated against his sister's cooperation with the FBI by tricking her husband into a tryst with a prostitute.

U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Christopher J. Christie: "No matter how rich and powerful any person may be - or poor or powerless - they will be held accountable. If you break the law, you will be caught and you will be brought to justice."

- Yet New Jersey is just as bad or worse today in 2016, often perpetrated by corruption in State, County and Local politicians, courts, prosecutors and police, with dozens to hundreds of convictions and articles covering the Web (search New Jersey Corruption, and add police and then others) all at every level have among the worst reputation in the country for causing the greatest suffering and crime against the people of New Jersey. Read all the links below.


An actual post to help solve these problems made it online!!! From an expert in political science and international relations and on human rights and constitutionalism. All known by republicanism's Jefferson, Monroe, Mason and then Madison, whose vision today would provide human rights to everyone everywhere thru the UDHR and International Bill of Rights (awaiting approval by US senate for over 50 years) while constraining run-away federalism with anti-rights and all the wars and terror caused largely by the cold war stemming from bad doctrines such as the Truman/Dulles Containment/Expansion Doctrine to counter Stalin's 'salami tactics' which can now come to an end, all known as long ago as Thucydides and on thru today by Morganthau and even the original proponent of the Truman Doctrine, US Ambassador to the USSR George F. Kennan, who realized his mistake a few years too late.

Click Links to New Jersey Crime, Corruption, Terror, Police Brutality

Twenty First Century Classical Realism for International Relations
from Save World Stop Terror & Torture
An Urgent Call to Action for All Nations - First Draft and Request for Comments April 10, 2016

Because the issues of today are so well understood and have recurred in perpetuity the solutions are well known.

These solutions can only be realized by establishing new relationships with and among nations who will respect our new found determination for mutual respect and peace.

Now is an especially good time to start better relations among nations, with multiple nuclear tensions and potential self or mutual annihilation, and that's just today, again.

1. Stop secret/covert actions.
-- Doctrines rooted in imperialism, interventionism and regime change have led to continued disasters and abandonment of ethics including terror
-- Guerrilla Politics: US anti-communist right-wing guerrilla movements (Mujahhadin/al-Qaeda/ISIS) countered Soviet/communist national liberations
-- US covert/unethical operations countered Soviet and N. Korea/China unethical experiments
2. Relations among nations must be based on mutual self-interest and understanding all nations can, should and will act on and for their own self-interest, security and protection as seen as power, and this is based on understanding human nature. Respect for national sovereignty and self governance.
* Ending 'Policy of Truman/Dulles Doctrine (and Soviet Salami tactics) of mutually assured destruction (MAD) and dividing world up by cold war regime change and terror/torture. Part of adopting 'an ethical standard common to the Barbarism of the Dark Ages' Admiral William Leahy.
* On ... no expansionism, isolationism, end cold war, Azerbaijan/Armenian Conflict, Israel/Palestine, North Korea, China...
* End Wilsonian interventionism, nation building, and self-interest based international imperialism
* Failures include Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Iraq, and Syria which led to al-Qaeda and ISIS are continuing examples of the abandonment of ethics in an attempt to bring progress to other nations that only led to the reverse
3. Every nation must understand that to act in their own best interests, they must not act in their own self-interest only but rather act with the mutual self-interest of all nations involved and without derision
4. Ethics and Human Rights matter along with mutual respect among nations, ratify UDHR and the International Bill of Rights agreed to by all
* UNESCO declarations on tolerance and ending racial prejudice
-- Avoid using individual rights for self-interest and unethical means against others, human rights benefit all by each individual respecting every other, example today may be eugenics
5. Work to dissolve separate military alliances which nations form to ensure their own security and protection because separate military alliances only result in conflict and war. One solution is working to form a single alliance leaving no one to fight
* Work towards a solution without interventionism or imperialism but not isolationsim
6. No reciprocity, retaliation, blowback or excessive penalties (Wilson's 14 points.) Every such action only results in an equal and opposite reaction.
7. Nations will agree to and work towards free and fair trade
- References
- Historical Revisionism


(1) Historical examples to show how nations believing they are acting for their own security, protection and interests by forming and joining alliances and making secret...
(2) Thucydides understood and inferred these principles around 460BC (search post) also Hans J. Morgenthau
Political Realism in International Relations
Peloponnesian War

In the History, Thucydides shows that power, if it is unrestrained by moderation and a sense of justice, brings about the uncontrolled desire for more power... although sensible to the demands of national interest, would not deny that political actors on the international scene are subject to moral judgment.

(3) Realists, and especially today's neorealists, consider the absence of government, literally anarchy, to be the primary determinant of international political outcomes. The lack of a common rule-making and enforcing authority means...
To attain security, states try to increase their power and engage in power-balancing for the purpose of deterring potential aggressors. Wars are fought to prevent competing nations from becoming militarily stronger...

Click Links to New Jersey Crime, Corruption, Terror, Police Brutality

Human Rights Documents

Wilson's 14 Points and the International Bill of Rights


Human Rights in the US -- April 8, 2016 - New Publications & Freedom of Information

from Save World Stop Terror & Torture

^ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (and child/Women), International Law, still not signed by US
^^ Can solve with pen in 10 minutes, UDHR and International Bill of Rights, European conventions operationalize

^ Mar 2016: Nixon domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman in 1968 interview just made public
^^^ War on Drugs a lie and fraud by Nixon to win and keep 1968 election
^^^ After Robert Kennedy assassinated in '68 primaries, just after Martin Luther King assassinated, see post
^^^ Terror on blacks and people against Vietnam war, his "enemies"
^^^ Criminalized drugs heavily to disrupt, arrest leaders, raid homes, break up meetings, vilify every night, lied
^^^ Nixon continued FBI COINTELPRO tactics (upon COINTELPRO caught '71) and used the new FBI chief Helms he assigned upon Hoover's death

^^^ July 3, 2015 Nixon told FBI Director "To be As Ruthless as the Nazis" in hunt for Watergate Leak, new documents released

^ Oct, 2015, Best of the Month: Direct accusation of fired CIA Chief Allen Dulles in John F. Kennedy Assassination
^^^ Details on decades of actual conspiracy by CIA, FBI
^^^ The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government
^^^ David Talbot on How the First CIA Director Collaborated with Nazis
^^^ 2010: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

^ June 16, 2015 Tens of thousands of files (including top secret) from his White House, his National Security Council, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were newly unsealed. So were minutes of the secret White House committees that controlled military and intelligence operations under Nixon
^ "coldblooded exchanges between Nixon and then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in which the two debate the merits of committing war crimes in order to win in Vietnam."
^^^ One Man Against The World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon

^ Nov, 2013: Allen Dulles (headed OSS and first director CIA) family & protege Nixon Nazi connections
^^^ NY Times: Overt and Covert 'The Brothers,' by Stephen Kinzer
^^^ The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War

^ Both Kennedy's (and Eleanor Roosevelt) under illegal FBI surveillance by J. Edgar Hoover, all 3 put on "Custodial Detention List" (1936) for belief in civil rights before world war II
^^^ Biography: J. Edgar Hoover
^^^ The Assassination of Robert Kennedy, Part 5 -- Sirhan Sirhan

^^ Jan 19, 2015: FBI's "Suicide Letter" to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance
^^^ The lesson to learn here: history must play a central role in the debate around spying today
^^^ The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The letter, recently discovered by historian and professor Beverly Gage, is a disturbing document.

* Some Humor
*** On the Honorable decorated US Navy Lieutenant 6 term Massachusetts Senator and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman United States Secretary of State Mr. John F. Kerry
*** The original unabridged 1st Amendment to the US Constitution as Originally written by James Madison

Click Links to New Jersey Crime, Corruption, Terror, Police Brutality


Save The World Stop Terror & Torture
Achieving a Post-Conflict World by Ending PsyOps, Terror and Blowback
a Revisionist Theory - DRAFT RFC 2/3 Done

-- World Situation
Perhaps coincidentally, one day after this post on Sunday, Mar 13, Russia unexpectedly pulled out of Syria at Monday's peace talks on Mar 14, and Israel just said today on Tuesday, Mar 15, 'dramatic warming of Israel-Arab ties could facilitate a lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians'

- 3/31/16 How failure to understand mutual self interest, political science international relations and blowback have caused today's nuclear tensions with N Korea among others - read on

Hailing a shift in regional alliances, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said “dramatically warming” ties between Israel and the Arab world could facilitate a lasting peace agreement with Palestinians. Great and regional powers prepare for peace talks.

Jimmy Carter (Camp David) Calls on Obama to Enshrine a Clear Statement of Principles in UN SC Resolution for Israel/Palestine Peace


There has been an ongoing conflict raging for some time, caused by contention over views, control and wealth. Learning the lessons of history has only turned into continuing the mistakes of the past. This has happened to individuals and societies and solutions have been presented, some of the best at the end both world wars, which for individuals were respect for all people at all times and internationally by respect for other nations, self governance, no secret agreements and actions, arms control to stop wars, and started League of Nations (now UN), 'for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.'

Best US Ivy League and Top Schools Now Free to Everyone

It's also been about an age old struggle between the haves and the have not's which some new revolutionaries (our very best scholars) have already started to solve, where everyone can participate in lectures and enroll in classes only available to the very few until now, with students now numbering in the hundreds of thousands for each lecture or class, a thousand times more, from the US's top and Ivy League schools. Important to read on.

On the latest revolution, the very best technology and most exclusive top and Ivy League schools in the US are now providing every lecture and class freely to everyone online. Some are also offering degrees online as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from top schools either free or at a much lower cost than possible before, better than being there. This is a new revolution in education made possible by technology and the best educators in the world that has the potential to change the have's verses the have not's divide for the first time in history by making the best education in the world available to all and from anywhere.

International Relations and Revisionist View - New Level of Understanding

A more comprehensive account of history starting just before world war I and thru to today, seeing more as a continuous stream of events with an overall picture, rather than high points which are looked at in isolation. Political science is about understanding what is really going on and has happened and by learning the lessons of history to not repeat them.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
-- Santayana - in The Life of Reason, 1905

Nuclear Weapons - New Ethical Standard common to Barbarians of the Dark Ages
^ US and US-UK Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William D. Leahy, others (Ike, Nimitz, ..)
^ [Y]he use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender. . . .
[I]n being the first to use it, we . . . adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children

Click Links to New Jersey Crime, Corruption, Terror, Police Brutality


Anonymous source, read here first. As posted to Facebook by Charles Middleton, Source of Terror and Torture in the World

New Terror Test - Learn Something New and Old - Terror in US, Again. How much do you know, Check your knowledge

- Test: Review UDHR link and see how many articles you believe should apply to *everyone* including whom you meet and talk to, that is to all people as inalienable human rights. Count each article as 1. Also 1 for entire Preamble
Initial results
1 - 10: poor (or Nazi.
10 - 20: good
20 - 25: outstanding
25 - 31: world citizen (follow international law)

-- Oddly, most empirical results in NJ & NY result in poor results, not verified.

Progress on these issues, recent speeches and press may be inspired from these posts, to spark and provoke on little known but far reaching concerns and encourage people to listen, learn, become informed, think, act, participate and engage to do better, upcoming 2016 elections

Q1. What wasn't told on the December 2015 terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California having to do with US history of nightmare eugenics owned up in 2000 (CSH top US eugenics, long island), looked up to by Hitler in Mein Kampf?
A: Hint: search this page on IRC, biggest and only one in CA
Tip: Source investigating negative eugenics over Web hours before San Bernardino terror attacks, at largest CA facility for disabilities, only with sex ed classes, biggest ne target. Site monitoring may inadvertently triggered. Pipe bomb failure/blundering show rushed
^ Terrorists worked for County Environmental Health, inspected high schools, including Rialto controversy assignment Holocaust faked
^ Obsessed with Israel/ISIS, one victim Bowman was one of the earliest contributors to CREATE, a USC center that studies national security and terrorism
^ Straw broke Camel's back, Donald Trump speech few hours before attack, many factors together may have contributed
^ Also not reported, San Bernardino Police beatings/torture long history
^^ 1997 police imprisoned 2 years for beatings, abuse. July 2015 6 inmates charged beating/torture from Jan 2013 to March 2015. April 2015 charges police brutality (news helicopter video) tasered, 11 police beat man after surrendered with arms behind back
^^ West Valley Detention Center (WVDC) in Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino), California like many other detention centers in the United States exception being one of the largest. Also one of the worst. Past and present lawsuits against the detention center and the San Bernardino County Sheriffs run the gamut; from illegal strip-searches to excessive force, torture, death and more
^ US prison-industrial complex
^ Other Prisons - FL

Click Links to New Jersey Crime, Corruption, Terror, Police Brutality

Terror in US, Again. How much do you know, Check your knowledge. As posted to Facebook by Charles Middleton, Source of Terror and Torture in the World


Updates March 3, 2016 ((Post Links work))
* New Page:

* US hundreds UN recommendations on human rights violations for police brutality, excessive force and surveillance violating privacy, accepted by US, due to discord between older sources of rights in the US and the new
** UDHR, 2nd 4 year review, recommendations not actioned
** Instructions: a. Put 2 columns next to accepted recommendations (over 200). b. Put owner and resources needed to implement in 1st column. c. Put delivery date in 2nd column. And that children is how we get it done..
** Ask the Donald/Christie if need help with the assignment (Chairman/president, Governor)
** D. Extra credit, sign/ratify UDHR and rest of International Bill of Rights
** US/Obama joined UN Human Rights council in 2009 after reorganization, now part of evaluations and now applies to all nations, including US
* States paid over $1 Billion over past 5 years for suits against Police for brutality, excessive force and homicide

^ San Bernardino Update
^ Terrorists worked for County Environmental Health, inspected high schools, including Rialto controversy assignment Holocaust faked
^ Obsessed with Israel/ISIS, one victim Bowman was one of the earliest contributors to CREATE, a USC center that studies national security and terrorism
^ Straw broke Camel's back, even Donald Trump gave speech few hours before attack, eugenics research few hours earlier, several factors together may have contributed
^ Also not reported, San Bernardino Police beatings/torture long history
^^ 1997 police imprisoned 2 years for beatings, abuse. July 2015 6 inmates charging beating/torture from Jan 2013 to March 2015. April 2015 charges police brutality (news helicopter video) tasered, 11 police beat man after surrendered with arms behind back
^^ West Valley Detention Center (WVDC) in Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino) one of the worst, see Post
^ US prison-industrial complex
^ Other Prisons - FL

* Bergen County mega-crimes
* New Jersey, Bergen County, super-long Bakken crude trains traveling through several times every day for decades, disaster waiting to happen
** Bakken most explosive, hazardous oil in the world. Into state endangers families, property, environment
** Reports of NJ police racketeering with tow firms by open Bakken tracks, complaining about unlawful stop or tickets, set death traps nearby more hidden next to Bakken tracks (Bergenfield)
** Cases police influencing young store clerks near open Bakken train tracks and wolf-like attacks on closing
* Post:

* Snitch mentality very common (NJ/NY), unlawful arrest, Israeli training and 1033 police militarization, some concern

* End Terror - Israel/Palestine peace talks hosted by France decided on now by all Arab nations and UN.
** See Post
** Kerry present but sidelining with pleas from Abbas who's not budging

** Obama sectarian, ISIL focus, says Palestine issue secondary unlike Kerry, Arab leaders, Abbas
** State Jihad and jihadists coordinated and took turns to get attention off when heat on
*** Bodansky, house task force on terrorism and unconventional warfare. Bin Laden, Man who Declared War on America
*** Thought, firefight while realizing strategy, not one or other
** Two British Opium wars in 1800's forced China to buy opium grown in India to open trade, Forced China to ceed Hong Kong for century, humiliating, French colonization in indo China, then US, Pentagon Papers (link), dropped 2 atomic bombs, 2nd day after Russia declared war on Japan
** John Forbes Kerry (ran against Bush 2004, US Secretary of State) family ancestry and wealth from Opium Trade, maybe billionaire

Feb 28 2016 -

Facts and summaries with links. See how many you know!
Number Correct:
1-2 most people
3-5 Good
6-10 Expert
11+ Watching us

Still Common in US. Links/extracts on each at end. People know and is cause of abuse and domestic terror.
- Initial Questions
- Human Rights, Rights of Woman & Child (& eugenics/Nazism in NJ/NY/US)
- Human Rights Issues in US
- Illegal Immigration - This post likely inspired US Supreme Court consideration
- Killing By Police in US - Why & Solution is Known and Simple
- US Terror on own people, owned up (New Freedom of Information Released)
- US Eugenics still around
- A Brief History of Terror
- Sirhan Sirhan - Robert F. Kennedy
- Opinions
- Endnotes
- Summaries References

From a suffering parent in New Jersey:

New Jersey - So many children and people hurt, lawyers say nothing can do when police corrupt (real cases) and just watch the kids suffer and d$# and then watch the corrupt criminals threaten to kill unsuspecting friends and children, then do :((((( Who can help and be trusted not to join in??? Reporting a crime... This is what some of us have suffered, if this isn't you maybe can help...

New Jersey Voted Worst State - For many suffering is the Nightmare State

Facebook: Human Rights in US and New Jersey

Terror in US, Again. How much do you know? Check your knowledge
Anonymous Submission
**** Includes something new and not disclosed on terror attack in San Bernardino, California. But Californians know.
From post: Hint IRC biggest and is not commonplace (eugenics)
Facts and summaries with links. See how many you know!

From Terror Test. - Learn Old and New - Check Your Knowledge - As posted to Facebook by Charles Middleton
Facts and summaries with links. See how many you know!
Number Correct:
1-2 most people
3-5 Good
6-10 Expert
11+ Are you watching us?

Crimes in NJ - Real Stories and Crime and even Terror in NJ - scroll down

Full Article

New movie 'Kill the messenger' a true story of Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb, who died discredited shortly after revealing story about CIA/contras decimating poor LA neighborhoods with crack cocaine. Links for all at end.

Terror in US, Again. How much do you know? Check your knowledge
**** Includes something new and not disclosed on terror attack in San Bernardino, California.
But Californians know. From post: Hint IRC biggest and is not commonplace

+ 40 Arrest Bust: 3 New Jersey Mayors and 5 Rabbis Among Those Arrested ...

+ N.J. among worst run states in nation, study finds

+ New Jersey cops beat a man bloody over parking infraction, their department says 'nothing wrong'

+ N.J. police join call to boycott Quentin Tarantino movies | NJ ...

+NJ Supreme Court Gives Police Overreaching Power To Search

+ Theory towards a Post-Conflict World (by ending Psyops, terror and lash/backlash)
There has been an ongoing conflict raging for some time, caused by contention over views, control and wealth. Learning the lessons of history has only turned into continuing the mistakes of the past. This has happened to individuals and societies and solutions have been presented, some of the best at the end both world wars, which for individuals were respect for all people at all times and internationally by respect for other nations, self government, no secret agreements and actions, arms control to stop wars, and started League of Nations (now UN), 'for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.'
It's also been about an age old struggle between the haves and the have not's which some new revolutionaries (our very smartest intellectuals) have already started to solve, important to read on.

+ A New Year's Resolution to Drastically Reduce Waste (even eliminate income tax) and also Killings in US, more than terror or mass shootings. Funny on man shooting himself (NJ Against Chris Christie visitor comments

+ This is a little known fraud and racket that is widespread and going on for decades and exemplifies the kind of massive bilking and danger to residents in New Jersey who are flocking out of the state (and NY) more than anywhere else already defrauded by highest property taxes in US, highest auto insurance frauds to bilk more cars per square foot in US, highest traffic ticket cost/towing/stranding per square foot, highest property costs and highest corruption with dense population and small land, most predatory lending helping to cause great recession over mortgage scandal, and much more. These criminals (and their agencies/foreign organized crime) are experts at manipulating the system and especially good at dealing with the very low end and

This is a bit charged but true and due to the nature of the crimes committed, below are many examples of how criminals and even terror are taking advantage of and even working with corrupt systems in NJ and NY. Links are provided for unnecessary cruel and inhuman treatment by the New Jersey courts and police, often overridden by the Governor and Attorney General (with new guidelines and civil rights laws stemming from NJ court abuse) and even New Jersey awarded medal's by the world's most dangerous recently incarcerated Nazi terror groups, and in New Jersey with new revelations of long time association and coverup with new book and materials from the freedom of information act "The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler's Men".

* Also Just an example of how a broken legal system making a fortune for the 7 times more lawyers in US than other countries make money and hurt people
+ This story begins around 2010. A top vip living in NJ after moving from Manhattan, was targeted by Russian criminals who were constantly - more
+ Lisa's Law looks good on paper for real or potential victims. However, no attention appears to be given to the massive fraud and abuse caused by criminals and often terror who would be given another opportunity to abuse the many completely incompetent, corrupt and violent systems often found to be the case in crime/corruption riddled NJ, where corruption is often so high something new is always in the news and at least being handled to no end. But usually only ending well when the state is collecting corrupt officials. Bergen County, NJ has many very low end
+ State of corruption: N.J.'s most infamous political scandals
+ NJ douple dipping, more NJ officials making 2 to 3 times salary by faking multiple positions or renaming them while collecting pensions. While NJ Gov trying to cut pensions by 50%

+ New Jersey one of the worst states to make a living, report ...

+ N.J. among worst run states in nation, study finds

+ 3 reasons why NJ is 5th-worst state for drivers - Daily Record

+ New Jersey ranks among the most corrupt states in the nation,

+ Study: New Jersey homeowners pay highest property taxes ...

+ People are fleeing N.J. faster than any other state, moving ...

+ Mob bust hits family that inspired 'The Sopranos' |

+ Mafia Hit List - Top New Jersey Mob Murders - The...

+ 99 Percent Of Police Brutality Complaints Go Uninvestigated ...

+ New Jersey Archives - Cop Block

+ Police Chief in NJ Allegedly So Corrupt, Officers in the Dept ...

+ This Week In Police Brutality And Corruption: Cops Out Of ...

+ Babies Genome Now Being Sequenced - BabySeq. Potential for Abuse?

What just follows is a report of an actual account where a victim was terrorized by multiple NJ authorities threatening a victim who was going to blow the whistle. Those authorities almost killed the victim and family while the authorities admitted they had committed a murder and other murder attempts, and said worse would happen if the victim didn't agree to silence. When the victim refused to go along, the authorities tried to kill the victim and his family but failed, and then the authorities committed several more murders they said they could get away with by blaming the innocent and told the victim couldn't report. The murders those authorities committed were several of the worst of high crimes in the worst way comparable to or worse than any committed by ISIS. The victim is afraid if comes out with evidence against the authorities, they will come after as promised, and as authorities can falsely arrest and kill again. Stronger authorities at higher levels and national attorneys are being consulted. It has been noted they really don't care much for the people here and need to be pushed reluctantly into action.

Not a single authority in New Jersey has shown any interest in pursuing this case when notified or any interest in stopping any future occurrence.

When people and authorities in New Jersey and surrounding areas are told of cases where people and children are tortured and killed, not a single person or authority in New Jersey or surrounding areas has shown any interest whatsoever and has not even indicated they believe anything is wrong. This is scary. The victim has also indicated several people, many present at the incident and some after, clearly said they liked the thought of people and specifically their children being tortured and killed. These are ordinary New Jersey residents. Found New York not much better. Why would people say such things and what has gone wrong with them?

Below this are from many more actual cases reported by people being victimized and terrorized in New Jersey among other states, where the reports here originate mostly from New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois among a few others. This site is an attempt to report and stop these most wrongful acts against people.

New Jersey - Terror in the Open!!!
A case of domestic terror right here in NJ.

Worst criminal terror ever seen by corrupt judges and police (and their hate group/reverse-hate group/crime/terror cronies) attacking people and their women and children, killing, like the Iraqi terror leader (The Butcher) after in the movie sniper, scene where have man and child who told, do just like that to people who tell on crime corruption in North NJ:(((( and those same terrorists centered only miles away in Paterson, no coincidence. Terror/corruption of the absolute worst kind in the open!!! Worst in US since Hamas leader in Oklahoma City (Jihad in America, SE, AJ, tTLAU) but in NJ by state officials against victims of corruption and crime who tell! Sites won't report, moderate out, need free speech/press, look who's stopping it! Why are they attacking and killing families of people trying to stop harm/terror/corruption on our own people :((((((((((((

Why is US and States (like NJ) Going After People and Journalists?

The United States has dropped 29 spots in the annual Reporters Without Borders press freedom ranking since 2009, when President Barack Obama took office.

The U.S. ranked 49th this year out of 180 countries included in the organization's World Press Freedom Index, joining the ranks of countries like Niger, Malta and Romania.

The decline from its position at No. 20 in 2009 has been spurred by the Obama administration's aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers, said Delphine Halgand, the organization's U.S. director.

"We consider that the Obama administration has launched a war against whistleblowers," Halgand said. "This year is a continuation of the concern we already expressed that national security protection has been more and more threatening freedom of information in the U.S."

US Press Freedom rank drop to same as Niger (49th) six weeks after US pressured Niger to abstain from voting in the UN Security Counsel to end the occupation

US and Israeli intervention led UN to reject Palestinian resolution, Dec 31, 2014


New Jersey for the past 30 years or more has had the worst reputation and was only state recommended against with
bad laws and worst treatment for people than any other state, at least 5 major areas of laws are worse than any other state in nation.
Not even on the top of list why not to live there! Lot of terror against people living there, just just the usual suspects, this site is a call to stop. Lots of authorities involved, disgraceful, not just the usual New Jersey corruption over land bribes or gambling.

Facebook Page: Human Rights in US and New Jersey


New Jersey Police Force and Criminal Justice Systems - Cases of Severe Corruption Hurting Many Residents

- These are some of the most undesirable qualities, needs to stop. Will be to some degree everywhere but need to resolve - get involved, contact representatives, governor, those responisble.

- Massive corruption, misconduct, falsify documents, deny rights, terrorize victims for false info to use against, threaten anyone who would report incidents
- Common to use anything against you, music, movies, views, etc. When threatening to remove you from world as no good, just say apple pie, america, good education, wathch them try to use to attack/kill you!
- ***Always*** record encounter with police, lawyers, court in NJ/North Jersey, will go crazy or threaten on virtually all encounters - if they see you without recording device watch out!
- Most likely to tell people to not help others when in trouble, usually encourage attacks, especially group, maim and fatal attacks
- Most likely to use 'no rights' in NJ (Patriot, no miranda, trick, no 1st, 10th, 14th, etc, force to talk under threat, kill) to 'catch criminals' although only used on innocent people, criminology for criminals
- NJ 'No rights' under pretense of catching terrorists (common scare tactic), caught none instead catching 200 corrupt NJ officials including top US senator from NJ
- Didn't realize that only catching 200 out of thousands corrupt left the most organized crime ridden, terrorist supporting, (fwd/reverse) hate group sponsoring state/court/police with the ability and direction to kill and terrorize without recourse or accountability while handing the most sophisticated surveillance system in the world to identify corruption's victims families, friends and networks.
- Even worse if spread to country and then rest of the free world however has no chance of winning, thank you Paul Rand.
- Er, 'Free world' means nations and states 'with rights', from those of us who wish to keep it that way
- Cases where NJ court houses have turned into a gang of homicidal maniacs at all levels of court and police and kill or sponsor crime and hate groups to attack family and friends even while there, typical crime/terror tactic - they can and will kill anyone they wish
--- If this happens right in front of everyone, do not ignore the corrupt official's threats as unbelievable - they really are setting up attacks and have no fear of awareness, repercussions or prosecution, they have complete license to kill since people have 'no rights' in NJ and can say nothing about it
- If NJ sponsors murder or terror, check homicide victim's circumstances and any followup court handling for unusual or symbolic statements, times, dates or durations, indicates court/police ordered and handled from
court or system of attack
- Often victims are friend or family in another state unprepared for attack. If anyone says anything, they will be immediately accused and arrested (told too late if real evidence presented to stop)
or will sponsor killing
- Most likely to join in on terrorizing people
- Most likely to authorize violent crimes against anyone who 'says anything about them' or they don't like
- Most likely to join organized crime in terror, especially against people and their children (many cases)
- Police may try to cause accident or kill by vehicular homicide, especially if see children in car and loosely restrained , NJ insurance will not pay, this is isnsurance fraud!
- Attorney's will tell not to sue for damages by NJ police attack or accident, say be afraid of them!
- Support more terror than any other state in history, all attacks against New York City were from New Jersey
- 11 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were in Paterson, Bergen County, NJ, with two of the 3 pilots killing thousands.
Documented cases of police/courts at all levels attacking anyone (and friends/family/children) mentioning, afraid or offering to help if possible.
- World trade center bombing from Jersey City, NJ
- If say anything about it, police will attack you, job and children
- Most likely to support (documented at all levels) for Italian mafia, Russian mafia, al queda (11 hijackers) and ISIS/ISIL (many nabbed by FBI)
and most hate groups all in Bergen County NJ alone, use Web search to verify each, as below in BC not Morris. Biggest support from BCCH.
- Atlantic and Bergen counties showed the most activity when it came to active hate groups operating in their regions.


New Jersey People - Not all but far Too Many

THIS IS A CALL TO STOP! Domestic Terror on unsuspecting residents. People turning on each other.

- As former president Jimmy Carter said something has gone wrong here, NJ, NY, other states, not just gov. Americans Shameful on Human Rights

-- Popular state laws permit detaining individuals because of their appearance, where they worship or with whom they associate.

-- Human Rights Watch 2016 / United States

New Jersey has so many (not only), must stop.

- These are some of the most undesirable qualities, needs to stop. Will be to some degree everywhere but need to resolve - get involved, contact representatives, governor, those responisble.

- Most likely to have areas with hateful people

- Some areas rife in Central and North Jersey

- Not safe - take care on choosing good neighborhood

- Many cases of terrorizing children, targets

- New Jersey only state where people don't like their children and may try to hurt them

- Shows up in surveys as people preferring friends to their children

- Big differences in demographics, wrong one and ...

- SHOULD NOT MATTER, unfortunately can, make good choices, examples on use of chart below.

- Don't be part of problem!,33,00

- NJ: 56% white, 9.4% asian, 19% latino, 15% black

- Englewood: 31.2% white, 8.1% asian 28% hisp, 32% black

- Fairlawn: 78% white, 9.7 % asian, 10% hisp 1.7% black

- BIG problems! Offenders STOP THIS

- Most likely to gang up on and terrorize people
- Most likely to say anyone who is attacked or terrorized as a victim deserves it and must be bad person
- Most hate groups per person of any state, over 40.

- More reverse-hate/terror/corruption groups, people afraid in their homes

- Most likely people to threaten anyone who doesn't say good things about them with a hate group
- Most likely to try to discredit and ruin anyone entering the state, attacking at every strong and weak point
- Worst state in country for high caliber people, highest priority targets in NJ, use of police and organized crime to attack/cripple
- Most likely to use methodical terror and organized crime tactics to destroy anyone they don't favor
- Most likely to teach and use attacks against people, women and children, favor use of mental cruelty tactics to destory victims
- Most likely to use screaming against people, trying to collect others to join in (professionally and outside work)
- Police tactic to terrorize people, collect statements under duress, make hateful and out of context, and send to hate groups and criminals instructing to use as reason
to kill - many documented cases
- Most likely to threaten you and say 'Do you realize who you're talking to' when asked, 'What do you think of illegal aliens, the really bad ones, that enter this country to steal from, attack and hurt Americans and hate us '.

- Unfortunate, when asked all who gave bad response were minorities in NJ, with 100% of hispanic and korean responses causing concern. Survey not scientific and stopped after 25.

- After some time decided to report
- More people leaving NJ than any other state over past few years - obviously!

So soo many real cases
- NJ Police have been known to collect reports against anyone, such as jaywalking by 5 year olds, and then fake more reports when older to ruin any resident of New Jersey as needed
- Cases of NJ crime (including corrupt police) faking/setup much worse unchecked libelous reports (obviously false) to use against people,
including following to other states years later to attack victims (people from NJ), fearful people leaving NJ will tell of crime/corruption. Will tell locals from police, cannot check or do anything about, and tell to attack or setup victim (from NJ)
whenever possible. Call local attorney or prosecutors,
general immediately (do not listen to efforts to stop) if hear of such attack from NJ crime/corruption
- Most likely to attempt to destroy anyone who doesn't have favorable opinion of New Jersey and hate groups, including communism, prostitution, drugs - any against are marked and attacked
- If hear of anyone saying negative of New Jersey, will setup attack/kill on and family/children
- Most likely to support and join in on use of terror and organized crime tactics to destroy anyone they don't favor
- More terrorists streaming in than any other state, according to FBI, many ISIS members nabbed by FBI this year alone than any other state (Bergen County)
- FBI says out of control, nothing can do (try checking on all requesting visa's, most not)
- Terrorist would be supported by New Jersey police and systems if aware, cases
- Most likely to hang nooses out front of police and court houses and attack/threaten anyone reporting (according to attorneys, walk away!)

- Most likely to immediately accuse and arrest anyone reporting crimes by dangerous illegals (organized crime, terror or otherwise) and will refuse to collect evidence
against them. Threaten out of making complaints or reports, many cases in North Jersey
- Forget sanctuary cities, they are nothing compared to North Jersey, directly supports illegals in commiting and getting away with crimes!

- Case study in Bergen County, Tenafly NJ, much better stats than surrounding areas.
Regular police roadblocks for deecades targeting only women with babies and old people, no others caught, taking car and leaving victims (women with babies/elderly)
without cars or means home, charging hundreds to thousands in fines/tow/storage. Police have 15,000 to 20,000 tickets each mostly for taking away cars and giving huge expense
to those most in need. When take license, no work or child relief, and points don't go away like in any other state - many people with over 40 or 50 points
payming $5000 in auto insurance due to this scam, even would have zero points in any other state. Tenafly mayor giving speaches supporting terror,
telling entire town at public outside meetings to be afraid, US is doing harm, and to pull all troups out of middle east, which would allow such groups as AQ and ISIS to thrive,
and turn local alien residents against America, many many cases.
If Tenafly officer sees or hears of snesitive babies, ill people, or preganant women will immedaitaly go 'ape-shit' to terrorize and make ill and harm
- Most cases of corruption/crime against children, hundreds of millions of dollars in court suits to parents of children hurt in largest cases in US
against state of NJ. Parents threatened against making reports against or suing for harm to children by police, courts or services
and entire Web sites setup (for Begen County alone) to help the parents who are victimes of NJ corruption specifically in crimes against their children.
- New Jersey child services is so bad had to change name from DYFS (division of youth and family services) to hide from
liability and Web searches and news on abuses. New name for hiding is CPS, child protective services.
Many sites to help people taken down by NJ, but can't stop petitions to congress )1,368 petitions), president or other actions. Search
on NJ DYFS Harm, abuse etc.
Parents Against DYFS/CPS using "TIME-PAST" etc. USA, Parents Against DYFS/CPS using "TIME-PAST" etc. USA
1,368 People Have Sent 3,596 Letters and Emails

NJ DYFS is the worst of the worst for families

- DYFS known for putting children in danger, threatening parents trying to save, or ignore fatal conditions to children and have police threaten parents
to not report otherwise (actually report such danger to police, if corrupt (usually), report at higher level, County, State). Will try to arrest parent
concerned about child on DYFS meeting.
Advice to record meeting with DYFS, tell DYFS rep you recorded them after they (DYFS) admit to their endangering child and then threatening parent
trying to save, then tell DYFS they will go to jail if don't stop harming children or report to you regularly until get court order to stop them.

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